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Where can I rent an instrument?
We recommend two different options for renting instruments in the Chicago area.  We recommend you contact:
William Harris Lee at (312) 786-0718.
It is also possible to rent from Shar Music at 1-800-248-SHAR.

Where can I buy supplies?
There are several different options for purchasing musical supplies.  We recommend that use the following online sites:

Where can I buy music? 
in most case  our teacher in Chicago Music Academy will sell the music to you. If you wish to search for music online we suggest that you use Shar Music (, Southwest Strings (  If you are looking to digitally download sheet music we recommend

Where can I find a piano tuner?
Andrew Georgas      
(773) 805-2874

Frequently Asked Questions
Web site disign: Pascal Innocenti
Our Rates

a) Students that come to the teacher's home:
-$30 for 30 minutes
-$45 for 45 minutes
-$60 for 60 minutes.

b) If the teacher travels to the student's house:
-$55 for 45 minutes
-$70 for 60 minutes

We are also offering 10 lesson packages at a discount:
5% discount on any of the options above.

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